Thursday, 10 May 2012

a letter from a friend

hello all, im back again! sorry for not posting for the past couple of days but the truth be told i just haven't had anything to write about, its been pretty rainy and i've been busy with school but i have a few things that i'd like to share with you :)

firstly, i recieved a letter yesterday in the post. Its was sat on the side waiting for me when i arrived home from school, it was lovely to read and from my friend Rachel who lives in wales. getting her letter cheered me up and made me smile quite a bit!!!

also with the letter was a cute little braided friendship bracelet in the colours green, yellow and blue. i love it such a lot and look forward to wearing it very soon!

please excuse the orange heart on my hand as its from when i was at school when i was absent mindedly drawing on things in bright orange highlighter (i was very bored you see!)
so, after getting Rachels letter in the post i have decided to write back and make her a bracelet too, here's a  little sneak peek...

i haven't wrote the letter yet but i'll upload a few pictures when i do!

Secondly, Lewis Mokler replied to me on Monday evening saying that he loved the picture that i drew of him! im very pleased that he liked it and im currently in the process of drawing my sister hannah, pictutes coming very soon...

Also i'd just like to tell you about a little obsession of mine.. willy wonka nerds! they are some of the most gorgeous tasting sweets ever and i just love them :) my favourite flavour is lemonade wild berry and apple watermelon! My sister was in town today and picked me some up from the american candy store (a favourite of ours!) but unfortunately they didnt have any of my favourite flavour in stock so i had peach and wildberry fruit savage instead; i havent had this flavour before but they are quite nice to be honest!

thats it for today, im off now to go and watch the soaps and finish some homework! Good Night :)


  1. aw that friendship bracelet is cute :) like the one you've made for her too. I am jealous that you have Nerds, I want some!! I've got some goodies to bring home with me next week ooh yum :) Xxx

  2. hello willow I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog :) xxx