Monday, 7 May 2012

hello and welcome to my blog

I spent most of yesterday morning drawing in my art book (which my lovely sister hannah brought for me whilst she was away in liverpool a while back) it doesn't have much in because i just haven't got around to filling it! so i decided it needed a few more drawings in and luckily, i was just in the mood for a spot of arty buisness.. so off to my desk i went, prepared with a stack load of CD's to help spark my imagination. A few hours and a bag of deliciously addictive mini eggs later, and here was the outcome:

Lewis Mokler
(a singer who i recently discovered and have grown to love!)

I was quite pleased with the finished result and decided to send a picture to hannah; she was the one who suggested for me to make this blog. I loved the idea and decided to give it ago (hence what you're reading now) I have also sent a picture to Lewis via twitter, which is the reason my twitter username is on there (feel free to follow me!) he is yet to reply but i will let you know his reaction when he does :) thats all for now but I will hopefully be posting again very soon, thank you x


  1. Hi Willow, woo welcome to Blogger :) I love that picture and can't wait to see the one you do of me! xxx

    1. haha thanks hannah :) im just about to go start it now! xx