Saturday, 29 September 2012

Birthday Post

''Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me, happy birthday to me!''
Hi everyone, It was my birthday yesterday and I want to show you all the lovely goodies I received! I had an awesome birthday and I just want to say a big thank you to my mumma for all the presents and also to my family and friends :) also to anyone who said happy birthday to me!
I received a gorgeous new coat, that I'm sure alot of you will have seen. Its the 'khaki fur hooded parka' from Matalan and I LOVE IT. Its so warm and snugly and looks great on! Absolutely perfect for winter. (Pinched the photo from the website, as I haven't took one of me wearing it yet!) don't you just love it?
 I got lots of other equally lovely things; all of which I'm delighted with! There are a few other bits that aren't photographed such as my One Direction ticket from holly :) and I got some money as well that I'll use next week when I go shopping in Derby, when I visit my sister at uni.

♥ The above 3 pictures are items from my friend May ♥

 ♥ These were from Hannah, my sister ♥

♥ all of these, including my coat, were from mumma bear ♥

♥ These things were from Holly. She also got me the concert ticket and some other little personal things that involve things we have done together as friends.. which are super cute! ♥
So, as you can see, I got some gorgeous things and also had a great birthday :)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

catching up

Hi everyone, sorry about not posting for a while but the laptop charger was broke so I wasn't able to post :( but luckily the new one came yesterday so I'm back! yay!

Firstly just a couple of shots from my bowling trip last week with Indigo, Phoebe, Phoenix and family friend, Lynn. It was the first time the kids have been bowling and they loved it! Phoenix won overall and was extremely please with himself! hahaha :)

mine and indigo's feet in the yucky bowling shoes. This was the only part that indigo didn't like!

Phoenix taking his winning turn.


The almost final score board :)
Also, I'm doing cooking at school at the moment and last week on Wednesday I made Sweet and Sour chicken with rice from scratch, the kids loved it! which was quite unusual as they aren't usually open to trying new foods :) I'm making bread next week so hopefully that goes down just as well!

I also got a reply to my letter that I sent a while ago; from Rachel (my friend in Wales) It was such a cute letter and inside were 2 more friendship bracelets! aw!

Finally, My sister Zenobia came home for a couple of days (visiting from uni) she brought gifts with her and look what I got! MY FAVOURITE! Wonka Nerds :)

I'll be doing a post on Tuesday as it's mumma & dadda bears 25th wedding anniversary. We're having a meal to celebrate and I'll show what I've made for her!!!
Hope you've all had a nice weekend :)

Monday, 10 September 2012


Hello lovelies,

I'm back again with another little blog post and as some of you may know today is 'Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day'. This day is specially dedicated to help raise awareness to those that self harm and also those that have committed suicide. Everyday millions of people self harm all around the world and this day is to give them attention and show them that they are not alone.

One of the simplest events that many people take place in is to wear something yellow and write 'love' across the wrist to show support. I myself took part...


To find out more about WSPD just click here ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, 26 August 2012

New bag

Yesterday I went into town in search of a new bag; I not only found one but I also found a few other nifty bargains! My shopping trip came to no more than £25 including the money I forked out for a tasty treat of Millie's white choc chip cookies, yum!

Brown satchel bag: £9, Super soft skinny jeans: £11, Pretty floral notebook: £1.99, Colgate toothbrush: 50p (a real barg and I was in need of a new one too!) Yellow, green and blue floral belts: £1 for all 3 and I also purchased all my school stationary as well for under £4!
I got a little present from holly as well, It's a 'Best Friends' Keyring as an early birthday present (my birthday's next month, lol) I think its the cutest little thing and I just love it! :) I hope you have all had a lovely weekend too x

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cake, Cake.. and MORE Cake!

Hello there everyone :) I haven't posted in a while due to being so busy! On Wednesday me and Holly went cake decorating at Jaques Bakes Cakes in Hinckley. I've been there once before to decorate cupcakes but this time around we were decorating a whole cake; it was alot of fun! I hold my hands up as well to eating the odd bit of icing and butter cream whilst decorating but hey, its all apart of the fun...


Leave a comment below of what you think to my cake, Id love to know :)


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Presents, cake and a pamper party!

Hey everyone, yesterday it was my best friend Holly's birthday! She had a wonderful day and I just wanted to share what we did to celebrate it..

Firstly, I popped into Holly's to take round her presents. She loved them which I'm very please about! She especially like the drawing my sister Hannah drew for her of myself and holly :) whilst I was there a parcel arrived for Holly, it was from choccywoccydoodah and it was the most yummiest looking chocolate kitty! I think Holly REALLY liked this present!!!

Also Holly had a pamper party for her birthday in Hinckley at forever beauty (her sister Jades beauty place! It's lovely there and I recommend that you check out her facebook page here!) We had manicures to fish pedicures to face masks and a few other wonderful things..

It was a great night and I think holly really enjoyed it because I know I did! :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Curly Girl Talk & Free Samples

Hey everyone!

Lately I've been trying out new ways to maximise my curls, as I'm a curly girl at heart. I've learnt to embrace my curls after many years of straightening and damage and I now love having curly hair! It's just so easy styling and takes little effort to get it looking right. Although, not everyday is a good hair day.. as having curly hair can sometimes leave me just wanting to cut it all off and longing to have naturally straight hair.

Since having embraced my natural curls last year, this site ( has become my new best friend! It has lots of little handy tips and tricks and hairstyles for curly hair and I LOVE IT! My hair type is somewhere between a 2c - 3a, which basically means I have quite thick hair that's a mixture of waves and curls.

I've recently been looking for a way to keep my curls overnight as they can sometimes become squashed and frizzy after I've slept on them. That's when I discovered a method called 'plopping (aka plunking)' I tried this method out yesterday when I washed my hair and its absolutely brilliant!!! My hair was SO curly when I took it out of the plop this morning and it took 2 minutes for me to style rather than the usual 15 (spent revitalising the curls and adding volume) I didn't need to do anything and my hair was ready to go, go, go! If you'd like to try plopping then you can find out how to do it here :)

My hair after plopping
Moving on from the subject of hair, I received two free samples in the post this morning. Firstly, maybelline dream fresh bb cream which I have been wanting to try for a while now! And loreal paris lumi magique and nude magique which i stumbled upon after reading some reviews on the bb cream and just HAD to try! after all, who doesn't love getting freebies?

My Holiday With Holly

Hello, Im back again and its been a while! I've been meaning to do this post for a while but I havent got round to doing it as I've been busy enjoying my summer holidays :)

On the 15th of July I went away on holiday to Norfolk with my best friend Holly and her family, it was wonderful and I had such a lovely time. We stayed in Sandringham Estate caravan site from the Sunday through to the Friday when we travelled back home (15th - 20th).

Sunday the 15th, DAY ONE:

We travelled to Sandringham today. We arrived at about half one after spending a few hours of the morning in the car. Once choosing a pitch (114) for the caravan we unpacked and sorted out the caravan. We were right next to the woods so we decided to go for a walk and explore. It was quite hot and sunny so Myself, Holly and her brother Ashley decided to have a water fight after our walk in the woods... I got soaked! It was alot of fun though :)

After we were all settled in and the evening had come around we went for a drive to Snettisham beach, it was very pebbly but the views were beautiful and I spent some time building sand castles with Holly and laughing as we went for a paddle. Once we were all worn out from playing on the beach we went to the amusements to have a go on the 2p slot machines! These are one of my favourite things to do when going on holiday, it really makes you feel that you're at the seaside. To top of the day we had a chip shop dinner which was SO yummy! Seaside chips really are the best kind.

Monday the 16th, DAY TWO:

Today the weather took a turn for the worse and it rained on and off throughout the day. So it gave us the perfect excuse to go and look round some shops and do abit of gift buying! we went to the factory shop (basically a large shop that sells toys, clothes, shoes, sweets and lots more!) then we went to the pet shop where we got to see lots of pretty fish and other reptiles such as little turtles, they were so cute! we also went to asda and budgens to a spot of food shopping. I purchased some lovely pastle pink winnie the pooh pj's, I fell in love with them as soon as I spotted them!

Tuseday the 17th, DAY THREE:

The weather today was alot better and we even saw some sun! We went to Sandringham and into the gift shop where I brought a couple of gifts for my mumma; including some country fudge and a heart shaped signed that reads 'keep calm and carry on'. After looking around the gift shop we went on a tour of the grounds that was carried out by a man in a tractor. It was very pretty in all the woodland areas :) Then, once the tour was over, we went to a lovely park that was made from wood. It was very magical and the kind of place you just expect little faries to come out from the bushes and start dancing around. Having worked up an appetite we then went to get some lunch and ice cream. Once lunch was over we went to the Lavander farm to have a look round, it was very pretty and peaceful and we ended up playing pooh sticks, a very entertaining game when played with various objects aswell as sticks. We also payed a visit to Bircham Windmill where we got feed animals from goats to cows to chickens.

Wednesday the 18th, DAY FOUR:

Sun, sun, sun! Today we had some lovely sunny intervals so we made the most of it and went to Hunstanton. We had a look round the many shops which is where i brought Holly a pretty little friendship bracelet. We also paid a visit to Hunstanton beach where Holly and Me attempted to make a sand castle (it failed badly!!!) We went down to the sea and had a splash and we also wrote things in the sand... We made a friend whilst on holiday called Tom, he's from Scotland and his family have a beach hut on this beach. Then we had a heavy downpour which lucky only lasted about to 15 minutes before the sun came out again, so we decided to go to Hunstanton fair and amusements, on the slot machines me and holly both won a few little nic naks which was nice. We played crazy golf and brought delicious doughnuts from a nearby stall. We then went back to the caravan for a couple of hours.

Now, today was a very special day as it was the 3 year anniversary since my dad died. At home my family were going to be letting off lots of light up balloons to mark this special day. My mumma wanted me to be apart of this so she gave me 2 balloons of my own to set off. So after another chip shop dinner, we went over to Snettisham beach to realese the balloons. It wasnt very windy on the beach as we were hoping so the balloons didnt float away as planned, instead they floated out into the distance carried by the waves. The sky was beautiful as it was just as the sun was setting so it made the perfect backdrop. Another thing I did was write messages on pebbles and throw them out into the sea.

Thursday the 19th, DAY FIVE:

Today we spent most of the day shopping in Kings Lynn but before that we had a picnic in Sandringham woods which was nice. I brought a few things including a pretty butterfly union jack top thats was just £6 and a white jumper with birds on that was just £3. After a long day shopping we went to pizza hut for dinner which was gorgeous. It rained on and off throughout the day. When we got back to the caravan Me, Holly and Ashley went into the woods so ashley could show us the den he had discovered, it was massive! we then spent the remainder of the day messing around in the woods with Tom and also in the park thats on the site. We also played bingo afterwards with Tom in our caravan :)

Friday the 20th, DAY SIX:

This was our last day in Norfolk so we packed up to go home, said goodbye to Tom and swapped details and left to go home. On the way back we stopped off at Mcdonalds for something to eat. I had a great time on holiday but missed my family alot so was glad when I was home.