Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Curly Girl Talk & Free Samples

Hey everyone!

Lately I've been trying out new ways to maximise my curls, as I'm a curly girl at heart. I've learnt to embrace my curls after many years of straightening and damage and I now love having curly hair! It's just so easy styling and takes little effort to get it looking right. Although, not everyday is a good hair day.. as having curly hair can sometimes leave me just wanting to cut it all off and longing to have naturally straight hair.

Since having embraced my natural curls last year, this site ( has become my new best friend! It has lots of little handy tips and tricks and hairstyles for curly hair and I LOVE IT! My hair type is somewhere between a 2c - 3a, which basically means I have quite thick hair that's a mixture of waves and curls.

I've recently been looking for a way to keep my curls overnight as they can sometimes become squashed and frizzy after I've slept on them. That's when I discovered a method called 'plopping (aka plunking)' I tried this method out yesterday when I washed my hair and its absolutely brilliant!!! My hair was SO curly when I took it out of the plop this morning and it took 2 minutes for me to style rather than the usual 15 (spent revitalising the curls and adding volume) I didn't need to do anything and my hair was ready to go, go, go! If you'd like to try plopping then you can find out how to do it here :)

My hair after plopping
Moving on from the subject of hair, I received two free samples in the post this morning. Firstly, maybelline dream fresh bb cream which I have been wanting to try for a while now! And loreal paris lumi magique and nude magique which i stumbled upon after reading some reviews on the bb cream and just HAD to try! after all, who doesn't love getting freebies?


  1. Love your new layout Willow :) website sounds really cool, and 'plopping' haha x

  2. Thanks Hannah! I know the names funny but it really does do the trick :) lol x