Sunday, 23 September 2012

catching up

Hi everyone, sorry about not posting for a while but the laptop charger was broke so I wasn't able to post :( but luckily the new one came yesterday so I'm back! yay!

Firstly just a couple of shots from my bowling trip last week with Indigo, Phoebe, Phoenix and family friend, Lynn. It was the first time the kids have been bowling and they loved it! Phoenix won overall and was extremely please with himself! hahaha :)

mine and indigo's feet in the yucky bowling shoes. This was the only part that indigo didn't like!

Phoenix taking his winning turn.


The almost final score board :)
Also, I'm doing cooking at school at the moment and last week on Wednesday I made Sweet and Sour chicken with rice from scratch, the kids loved it! which was quite unusual as they aren't usually open to trying new foods :) I'm making bread next week so hopefully that goes down just as well!

I also got a reply to my letter that I sent a while ago; from Rachel (my friend in Wales) It was such a cute letter and inside were 2 more friendship bracelets! aw!

Finally, My sister Zenobia came home for a couple of days (visiting from uni) she brought gifts with her and look what I got! MY FAVOURITE! Wonka Nerds :)

I'll be doing a post on Tuesday as it's mumma & dadda bears 25th wedding anniversary. We're having a meal to celebrate and I'll show what I've made for her!!!
Hope you've all had a nice weekend :)

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  1. I love Nerds- I've never had the double dipped ones before but they look so nice xx